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CHENNAI: Lec-dem on Music Instruments

Under a grant supported by the Ministry of Culture, Govt of India, violinist Dr M Lalitha has been presenting a series of episodes on `Musical Instruments in Divinity’- a thematic Multimedia presentation featuring different instruments each month.

This series involves extensive research and in depth study since Dr M Lalitha deals about the History, evolution of the instrument, Mythological, Sculptural evidences, its usage in temple rituals, similarities in global musical cultures, references in Literature and some in musical compositions.The instruments so far covered include the Vina, Venu, Gethuvadyam, Mridangam, Mridanga – Khol, Chenda, Chande, Tutari, Srnga, Kombu,  Jewish Shofar, Damaru, Udukkai and Nagasvaram. This month as part of the ninth episode, on Monday January 26 the instruments to be featured will be `Frame Drums / Kanjira’ at the Arkay Convention Centre, Luz, Chennai 600004.from 6.30 p.m..