Courses & Workshops

This section lists brief information on academic courses, scholarships, training programmes and special camps and resource centres in India which will be of use for singers, musicians, dancers and others in the classical arts.

Music Workshop: Chennai
Mohiniattam workshop in Bengaluru
Two-day music course in Bengaluru
Carnatic music workshop: Tamil Nadu
Mangala Isai Competition
Malladi Suribabu's music workshop in Bengaluru in April
New centre for Kuchipudi dance classes in Chennai
Workshop on Purandara Dasa kritis; Chennai
Carnatic-Western percussion music; workshop in Bengaluru
RTP contest for young singers; Mangaluru
Music and Fine Arts Univ in Chennai: Admissions to Post-Grad courses
Music Contest: Kritis of Harikesanallur Muthiah Bhagavatar
Bengaluru: Workshop on GNB kritis
Summer Camp for Bharatanatyam students
Bengaluru: Abhinaya workshop by Bragha Bessel
Oottukadu Venkata Kavi songs; workshop in Bengaluru
Promoting young talent: Tamil Nadu seeks applications
Workshop at Music Academy
Workshop; Lalgudi Jayaraman’s compositions
Music workshop by Prince Rama Varma
Workshop on Tarangas of Narayana Teertha
Carnatic music competitions; Chennai
Lectures: Thanjavur Quartet, Papanasam Sivan
PG course in music at Bangalore Univ
Manodharma singing: workshop
Carnatic music courses at Music Academy, Chennai
Three-year courses in Carnatic music; Chennai
Workshop: Rare compositions of Dikshitar
Workshop on Annamacharya Kritis; Chennai
Bharatanatyam summer workshop; Chennai
Workshop on rare kritis of Swati Thirunal
Workshop on 'Lalgudi Pancharatnam'; Bangalore
Bharathanatyam workshop by Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala
Dikshitar kriti music competition
Big Contest for Young Vocalists
Raga Identification Competition; for Rasikas
Short music course by Rama Varma: Bangalore
Lectures for music students / Chennai
Sub-altern dance practices, Indic studies part of new courses; Chennai
Course by Padma Subrahmanyam
Contest: on kritis of Harikesanallur Muthiah Bhagavathar
Dr Ra. Visweswaran's veena workshop; Bangalore
'Art & Aesthetics'; camp in Kerala in July
Two-day camp on Indian Music; near Chennai
Music Academy workshops; by Guruvayur Dorai, S. Sowmya
Music diploma courses; Music Academy, NGS; Chennai
Abhinaya workshop: Bangalore
Carnatic music workshop; Mangalore
Abhang Workshop / Chennai
Dance workshop in Mangalore
Laya in music; workshop in Chennai
Focus on two music composers. In Bangalore.
Abhinaya workshop in Coastal Karnataka
Lec-dem in Chennai; focus on Rakthi Ragas
Senior dancers to lead training camp in Chennai
Short Dance workshops; Chennai
Lec-dem on Kriti: Chennai
Ravi Kiran's Lec-dem on rare tillanas
Lec-dem on rare ragas; Bangalore
Bragha Bessell's abhinaya workshop in May: Bangalore
Lecture Demonstration on Javalis; Chennai
Dance wokshop by Gayathri Balagurunathan Chennai
Summertime dance workshops in Chennai
Daylong workshop on songs based on Lord Rama; Chennai
Dance abhinaya workshop / Mangaluru
Music Appreciation Meet in Chennai; Register now
Devi krithis, Pallavi competition; Bangalore
Rama Vaidyanathan to conduct Bharatanatyam workshop in Mangalore
Voice training for singers, music teachers
Kuchipudi workshop in Bangalore; July 12
Yoga workshop for dancers
Dance / music competition in Chennai
Dance contest featuring Pasuram and Tirupugazh
The Music Academy course: admission open
Prince Rama Varma's workshop; Chennai
Workshop by Bombay Jayashri
Music contests for young Bangaloreans
Workshop on rare Swati Tirunal Kritis; Chennai
Carnatic music competition in Chennai
A Workshop on ‘Rhythmic Aspect of Bharatanatyam’ – by Aniruddha Knight
The Music Academy vocal music course is on
Camp on bhajans, Chennai
Bharatanatyam workshop in Kerala / May 2013
Bangalore workshop by Dr R K Srikantan
Dance workshop by Vyjayanthimala Bali
CHENNAI: Rare gems of various Vaggeyakaras
Voice care workshop: Chennai
Chennai - Padams, javalis: Bala's style
Summer Dance Camp in Chennai
Workshop in Feb. : On Swati Thirunal songs
Music workshop 'Manodharma Sangeetham' in Chennai
Music contest for youth : Bangalore
Workshop on Manodharma Sangeetham
Classical music competitions
Devi krithis music competition in Bangalore
Workshop on bhajans of Surdas
Workshop: Neraval and Rare Krthis and Javalis - Brinda Repertoire
The Music Academy gets research centre status
All India Radio announces annual music contests for young artistes
Workshops in Thanjavur : on Thirumurais, Compositions of Musical Trinity
Dance workshop in Mumbai
Dance workshops in Chennai, music gurukulam in Kerala
M.S. Subbalakshmi gold coins from Tanishq
Dance workshop by Alarmel Valli
Call for applications: The Gati Summer Dance Residency
Workshop: Rare krtis, javalis of Brinda
Workshop on Natyashastra