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A Workshop on ‘Rhythmic Aspect of Bharatanatyam’ – by Aniruddha Knight

The basis for this workshop is to introduce students/performers already familiar with adavus to concept of nritta or the rhythmic aspect of dance, in the Balasaraswati style of music. The workshop will be addressed in two sessions of three hours each.

Session 1: July 27, 2013 (Saturday, 9.30 am -12.30 pm)

In the first session, participants will get a glimpse into the various layers of theermanam and the adavus that accompany them. Starting with the basics, Aniruddha will introduce the adavus that make up the theermanam in three speeds. In the final theermanam that is taught, participants will be asked to attempt theadavus in the Balasaraswati style. The focus will also be on posture, flow and adapting the adavu to different speeds during a performance.

Session 2: July 28, 2013 (Sunday, 9.30 am -12.30 pm)

In the second session, the concept of tala, using Rupaka tala will be covered. The intricacies of the various speeds and the Jaati – or the over lapping tala structure - for example fitting Misram (7) into a structure of Rupakam (6) will be demonstrated. Once this is done, participant will be taught how to recite the theermanam and perform to it.

Registration fee: Rs.2500/- per participant, for two days. Participants will get a certificate from The Balasaraswati Institute of Performing Arts. Tea and snacks will be provided.

Venue: Arkay Convention Center. Luz, Chennai.

Contact: Radha Srinivasan (91-8754415225)
Aparna Rao (+91-9042717105)