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Music Appreciation Meet in Chennai; Register now

Paalam Academy in Chennai is conducting a weeklong Music Appreciation Programme for rasikas from November 25 to December 1, 2014 (daily 6.30p.m to 8.30p.m) at Mudhra Music Studio,  26 Rama Street, Nungambakkam.

This programme to be conducted by Dr.Radha Bhaskar, aims at enlightening rasikas about the nuances of Carnatic music so that they can appreciate it better. The topics covered include – What is music, benefits of music, types of music, raga and tala structure, compositional forms, concert structure, creativity in concerts, role of accompaniments, methods of identifying ragas etc.

For registration and other details, call Mudhra Bhaskar 98400 72821 or email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.