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Workshop on Purandara Dasa kritis; Chennai

Vocalist Vasudha Kesav will hold a workshop on Purandara Dasa kritis on Oct.28 in Chennai. It is on from 10am to 11.30 am at Narada Gana Sabha mini hall, Chennai.

A press note says Vasudha Kesav is a award holder for Dasar compositions and has been an expert trainer for students performing in the Cleaveland music festival under Sustaining Sampradhaya program.

She has been under the tutelege of many gurus like H S Mahalakshmi and P S Narayanaswamy. Her grandfather, Hemmige Srirangachar, was a court musician of H H Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV (Mysore). Vasudha has been performing for over two and a half decades, an A-grade artist in AIR, Doordarshan and has many awards to her credit.

Registration must be done before October 22 at following the link


Fees:  Rs. 100 per participant.

Contact - 9840182538, 9840029480