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Chennai sabhas cancel events: Corona virus effect

All sabhas in Chennai, which host music and dance concerts almost every day have suspended their programmes for March and will take a call on April 1.

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Virus scene: Will Sri Ramanavami music fests in Bengaluru start as scheduled?

Organisers of the annual Sri Ramanavami music festivals across Bengaluru and other Karnataka towns like Mysuru are in a quandary - most festivals take off just before or on Sri Ramanavami day, that falls on April 2 this year but the corona virus issue.

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Senior vidwan T. A. S. Mani passes away

One of India's senior and well-known percussion vidwans, T. A. S. Mani passed away in Bengaluru on March 14. He was 83. Mani was attending a local music contest event when he collapsed.

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Nrityalaya celebrates its 30 years in Kerala

30 years of Nrityalaya dance academy in Kerala. And 55 years of service to the arts by its founder, Kalamandalam Saraswathy.

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