Akka Mahadevi; theme for dancer Manjula Amaresh

Manjula Amaresh, a Bharathanaatyam dancer in Bangalore is presenting a dance feature 'Akka Mahadevi' in Chennai.

This disciple of the Dhananjayans and of Kalanidhi Narayanan. will present this solo thematic Bharathanaatyam performance on Sunday, 9th February, 2014 in Narada Gana Sabha at 6.30 pm.

Here is a note of this production -

In Vachana literature, Akka Mahadevi has a unique place. She was not only a Veera Shaiva saint poetess but was a great mystic. When one looks at her from a woman’s point of view, she was a rebel and an embodiment of women’s emancipation.

She threw out the worldly entanglements and took to renunciation. All through her life, she struggled against conservative society, denied worldly marriage and determined communion with her divine lover Chennamallikarjuna whom she considered as her husband ever since her childhood.

All the Saranas of 12th century including the great Basavanna and Allamma Prabhu revered her for her height of achievement in spiritual knowledge and poetic compositions.

Says this dancer, "Since Akka Mahadevi has a special place as the first woman poet of Kannada literature, it inspired me as a Bharathanaatyam Performer to present her poetry and spread her message as and when opportunity arises."

Manjula Amaresh can be reached at 98450 23289.