Solo Bharatanatyam Recitals: Chennai

Suryakala Foundation in collaboration with The ARTery presents the third edition of Ekam Festival of solo Bharatanatyam on September 28 and 29, 2019 at the Rukmini Arangam in Kalakshetra, Chennai.

Ramanathan Iyer who manages Ekam says this fest 'is a celebration of the solo artistic journey in Bharatanatyam - a holistic coming together of an artist's lineage, life experiences, sadhana (immersive practice) along with a pursuit of excellence.'

The 3rd edition of Ekam features Bharatanatyam artistes who have taken their solo practice in Bharatanatyam beyond the ordinary.

On September 28, Srikanth Natarajan presents present AADAL - ANUBHAVAM – AANANDAM drawing from his background in Bhagavata Melam and Bharatanatyam. 

Later that evening, Bengaluru-based Indira Kadambi presents 'Dhaaraa Dhara' or sustaining the flow, symbolizing the flow of tradition, that is much like a river - a confluence of various streams, ultimately merging into the ocean. Her performance will focus on the manodharma aspect of Bharatanatyam – a leisurely unfolding of dance which happens through an absolute surrender to the moment creating a profound personal experience of the now.

On September 29, Rajashree Warrier presents 'Prana - Life force'. Prana in the form of a dancer is wedded to the formlessness of the universe and together they live as Atman - the eternal Prana. Rajashree’s art is inspired by Carnatic music and she believes in the inexplicable link between music and dance. 

Later, Nityakalyani Vaidyanathan and Jayanthi Subramaniam share an evening to present the myriad emotions of the human mind though Abhinayam-oriented compositions. Chitta Vritti - sensitive moments of human experience as exemplified in Padams, Javalis and Ashtapadis.

Post performance on both nights there will be a discussion with the artistes on their creative journey led by Bharatanatyam artiste Divya Devaguptapu, curator of Ekam Festival and artistic director of Suryakala Foundation.

Contact: 9952949390 / 8300099974.