Senior vidwan T. A. S. Mani passes away

One of India's senior and well-known percussion vidwans, T. A. S. Mani passed away in Bengaluru on March 14. He was 83.

Mani was attending a local music contest event when he collapsed.

He is survived by his wife, senior vocalist T. A. Rama Mani and musician son Karthik Mani.

Mani was at Bengaluru's Rama Lalitha Kala Mandira at a pallavi contest where he died due to a cardiac arrest.

Mani was a 'A' grade artiste of All india Radio and was best known for having created the tala vadya ensemble and brought it to centre stage. The concept got known and performed around the world wherever he performed.

A number of world artistes have collaborated with Mani.

He set up the Karnataka College of Percussion which trained a big number of percussion students who are now across the world.

He played along with all the tall Carnatic music artistes of his time in India and abroad.

This is what young vocalist Abhirama Bode of Bengaluru, who spent the last hours with Mani had to write on his social media page -
All I can say at this juncture is that I had his choicest of blessings - for having had lunch (his last meal) with him today -of being the last recipient of his teachings - he was sharing his thoughts on executing Nade Pallavi, basically prepping me for the next day’s Pallavi concert, until almost 15 minutes prior to his last breath - of the being the most unfortunate of all to witness him take the last breath right in front of me

T. A. S. Mani sir has been one of the biggest guiding forces and has had a huge role to play in whatever little I'm able to musically execute today. Those innumerable practice sessions with him have contributed massively towards my progress, needless to say how joyous it is to sing to his accompaniment.

I shall terribly miss this great man for his principles, endearing love, support that he unconditionally showered on me and many of my likes.

Photo credit : Abhirama Bode