Virus scene: Will Sri Ramanavami music fests in Bengaluru start as scheduled?

Ramanavami-concert-2018Organisers of the annual Sri Ramanavami music festivals across Bengaluru and other Karnataka towns like Mysuru are in a quandary - most festivals take off just before or on Sri Ramanavami day, that falls on April 2 this year but the corona virus issue.


The state has advised organisers of large events to hold back and while malls and theatres are shutting down temporarily and families holding weddings told to restrict guests.


The mandalis who hosts the music fests will also have to need the advisory.


A member of the team which hosts the month long Sri Ramanavami music fest in Seshadripuram College says that though the fest pamphlets were being printed, they are holding them back. "We will now decide only on March 31," said a member.


Classical music and dance concerts have been going on in some venues in Bengaluru the past week. 


But Ananya, a leading Malleswaram-based arts body cancelled two days of its Sangati music fest which features young, bright talent at a local venue.


The biggest host of the music fest of Sri Ramanavi, at the Old Fort School in Chamarajpet has not formally put out an update on the fest which is due to launch on April 2.


Here, under the big tent at least 2,000 plus rasikas attend concerts of the big artistes and the weekend rush is bigger.


Other hosts whom KutcheriBuzz contacted have not reacted yet as on March 16.