Mudhra launches its Dec. Season fest

Chennai-based Mudhra has launched its 26th Fine Arts Festival for the December Season virtually on December 1.

Concerts, one set 'live' and recorded recently and another set, the canned ones are being webcast through Mudhra's channel, Paalam TV.

Says Radha Bhaskar, who with her husband, both artistes promote Mudhra, "We have recorded 31 concerts of slot 1 of our fest in Mudhra Studio and we are thankful to Shankar Planjery, chairman of Planjery Foundation, Hyderabad for supporting the artistes’ remuneration of the first slot of our fest."

Senior vocalist and composer Neyveli Santhanagopalan was honoured at the formal launch of this fest and thereafter, he sat down to present the first concert.

The concerts are free to access and run till Dec.31.

You can watch the concerts on Paalamtv
- from your computer at
- from your computer or
or from Paalamtv Android mobile App downloaded from the Playstore.