Beats Fest held in Chennai Temple

Beats-festThey call him Khanjira Man.

For obvious reasons.

Shree Sundarkumar is among the top end percussionists in the Carnatic music world.

There are many in that khanjira space and they all seem to have the same vibes.

Soon after the December Season of 2018 faded in Chennai, Sundarkumar hosted his fest. Called the Beats Festival, he invited leading percussionists to perform at Sri Kapali Temple in Mylapore, Chennai. Paramapara was a collaborator.

Concerts were held on three evenings, the percussive music floating into the shrines during the margazhi season.

The fest opened with the thyambaka recital of Padmasri awardee, Mattannoor Sankarankutty and his sons and their troupe, the like that is rarely seen in this city.