Purandaradasa-Tyagaraja music fest in Delhi

Ramakrishnapuram South Indian Society (Regd.) in association with India International Centre will be conducting the 8th Purandaradasa Tyagaraja

music festival on 16th and 17th February at 6 pm and 4.15 pm respectively at Lecture Hall II, IIC Annexe building,  Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi.  

On 16th February is the concert of Manda Sudharani (she hails from Vishakapatnam and disciple of  Ivaturi Vijayeswara Rao from Dwaram traditiion. Sudharani is a top rank artist of All India Radio and is a Pallavi exponent). 

On 17th Feb, there are two events i.e. 4.15 pm - An illustrative talk on Aesthetics of Laya & Tanam in Music (Unravelling the intricacies) by Manda Sudharani followed by music concert of Gaanapraveen Allappuzha C. Venugopal at  6.10  pm.

Contact - S. Krishnaswamy / Vice President / Ramakrishnapuram South Indian Society / N Delhi

Mobile - 9717019444